Drip Drop Faucet

Earn up to 144,000 Satoshi a day! Claim every 10 Minutes!

Balance: 9 satoshi
Do your part to keep the faucet alive!

Between 100-1000 satoshi every 10 minutes.
After you claim, check out the links at the top of the page!

Reflink: http://www.dripdropfaucet.com/?r=Your_Address

Share this link with your friends and earn 1% referral commission
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  1. hello there, i heard that hash ocean is coming back…………..hope that this news is your worries for us to continue and shared this good faucit site of your

    1. I heard that too, but it’s common for the sites to say they’ll be back in a few days. This gives them time to move around the funds and make it harder to trace who it’s going to in the end. I hope they’re honest and will be back, but I’m very doubtful about it. They gave a date of July 4th for return, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. сдравствуйте сайт очень даже нравится и спасибо что платит так как очень много сайтов которые обманывают и не платят

  3. Hey,
    greetings from a fellow faucet owner. I just read your blog and i know how hard it is to balance revenue and expenses. Good luck for the future.

  4. I’ve added a comment section to the site. Let me know any problems or concerns or likes you have with the site. Or feel free to just say Hello. Thank you all for supporting the site!

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